Am I Messing Up My Kids?

Excited to start a new online bible study on Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study site. Check out! It’s Am I Messing Up My Kids? Written by one of my favorite Christian authors, Lysa Terkeurst! The first chapter is online so it is not too late to join us! #imperfectmoms

Am I Messing Up My Kids?

Am I Messing Up My Kids?


If Not You, Then Who?


5 Ways to Jumpstart a New Mentoring Relationship If you are stopping by from Encouragement Café or I want to welcome you! Mentoring has been our focus this week. I am excited to share my experiences as I have been blessed with incredible teachers that have impacted my life. Today I shared the story of Lonnie, Jennifer, Madeline, Olivia and Landon. Together, this family transformed our walk with God and even our marriage. They … [Continue reading]

What Can You Do For Me?


Background courtesy of CreationSwap What can you do for me? Often in our society we approach people, even if subconsciously with this goal as our motivator. But Jesus did things differently. I love the way Jesus taught us about mentoring and serving others in Mark 10: 35-45. In this story, Jesus' disciples James and John came to Him seeking honored positions within what they believed to be the earthly kingdom He was creating. Can you imagine … [Continue reading]

May I Mentor….Serve You?


May I Mentor Serve You? Making an Impact with a Servant's Heart   Photo courtesy of Creation Swap I am SO excited about this week's topic on Encouragement Café! So often we shy away from the title of "Mentor" And why not? I mean, it implies wisdom, doesn't it? With a dash of grace. Loads of peace. Strength. But if I'm honest? Some days I feel like the very last person in God's plan to mentor anyone. Especially two precious … [Continue reading]

In My Life: Why You Should Capture Your Testimony

Writing a personal testimony is tough! This morning I've been challenged by my Encouragement Cafe writing team to put my journey to Christ into a mere 150 words. And you may know me...if you do, you will understand how verbose I am. If you know her, you'll agree my 5 year old Teagan takes after mom. Yet as difficult as this exercise blessed me! What beautiful nuggets of truth come out of writing and re-writing  my story. Crafting it … [Continue reading]